Blkpostr Media is a multimedia company that was founded in 2022 by Tyrone Brackens with the aim of giving a voice to the Black community and providing a platform for Black creatives. Blkpostr Media will make a commitment to groundbreaking content, and an innovative approach to storytelling.

Blkpostr Media's founder Tyrone Brackens is a visionary entrepreneur who has long been passionate about creating positive change in the media industry. Tyrone Brackens personal experience of systemic racism and discrimination has inspired them to create Blkpostr Media, a company that is dedicated to amplifying the voices and perspectives of underrepresented communities.

At Blkpostr Media, we will work tirelessly to create compelling and thought-provoking content that represents the full spectrum of the Black experience. Our content includes films, TV shows, documentaries, podcasts, music videos, and more, and is distributed through a variety of channels including social media, streaming services, and traditional broadcast outlets.

Blkpostr Media is committed to producing content that is both entertaining and enlightening, and that promotes positive change in society. We will work with some of the most innovative and creative minds in the industry, which will include talented writers, directors, producers, editors, and other media professionals.

At Blkpostr Media, we believe that diversity is essential to the success of any media company, and we are committed to providing opportunities for Black creatives to thrive. We work with a wide range of talented artists and content creators, including emerging and established talent, to produce content that is both authentic and groundbreaking.

Blkpostr Media is a dynamic and innovative media company that is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the industry. We are passionate about creating content that reflects the richness and diversity of the Black experience, and we are committed to working with creatives and other media professionals who share our values and vision.

Participate To Win: A Sports Narrative for Winning in the game of life.

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The Pressure of Promise: Navigating the Perils of Black Manhood

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